You may already have college credits, just waiting to be transferred. Don’t leave your past behind. Take pride in your previously earned college credits and life experiences. Transfer to Ashford University and get a head start on earning your degree.



College Credits

If you have ever earned community college credits, the school you attended may have an articulation agreement with Ashford University, which will help you transfer credits for courses you have completed.

Additionally, if you have completed courses at another accredited university, you can often transfer those courses toward your degree as well. Make sure you get credit for the hard work you've already done.

Non-Traditional Credits

The world is your campus, so make sure you look for credits outside of the college classroom. From military experience to corporate training, you can earn transfer credits from your personal learning. Through national testing programs and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you can gain credit for courses by showing you have mastered the learning outcomes.

Transfer Up To Nine Approved Credits Toward Your Master’s Degree

If you plan to take your college education to the next level, you can transfer up to nine approved graduate level credits toward your Master’s degree. Ask your Student Advisor for details about Ashford University’s Smart Track.  

Your previous studies and experiences have earned you more than knowledge. They may be worth college credit that you can transfer to Ashford University. Enroll at Ashford, and be rewarded for everything you have learned.



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