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Learn to be highly effective in today’s world as a student of Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. Your curriculum embraces the technical knowledge and critical thinking skills you need to communicate in a collaborative environment.

As a Forbes School of Business student, you have access to:


The Entrepreneurship Scholarship and the Senior Project Competition are two unique awards available to Forbes School of Business students and alumni. The Entrepreneurship Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit by proposing a current or new business idea and demonstrate its potential impact on the economy. The Senior Project Competition recognizes students who submit the top undergraduate senior projects.

Speaker Series

These exclusive events provide access to today’s great business minds. Steve Forbes and Ken Fisher have already been speakers. If you can’t attend in person, each event will be recorded and made available exclusively to students and alumni.

Forbes Online Library

A vast library of curated content from Forbes magazine, dating back almost a century.



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