BA/English Language Learner Studies

Teach to the world. With your Bachelor of Arts in English Language Learner Studies eanred online from Ashford University, you demonstrate your readiness to provide businesses and individuals with adult language instruction.

English language learner services are in high demand around the world, with new job opportunities spreading to every continent. In this curriculum, you will learn how students acquire new skills and knowledge in a second language. Your courses cover subjects from reading and grammar to diversity and inter-cultural communications. As a potential educator in our modern global environment, you will find this degree a perfect fit for you.

Certification/Licensure Terms and Conditions.

Successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Education and Public Policy program by itself does not lead certification or licensure in any state. This degree program will not make one eligible for traditional or alternative teacher certification or licensure in the State of Georgia or the State of Hawaii. It is the student's responsibility to determine individual state requirements for teacher certification or licensure. Please refer to Education Resource Organizations Directory (EROD) for individual state requirements for teacher certification or licensure. Please be advised that states change their policies from time to time and students are advised to check regularly with their state regulatory agencies’ policies and procedures relating to licensure. Further, a criminal record may prevent an applicant from obtaining licensure, certification, or employment in this field of study.

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